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This 2011 year is our corporation’s 23rd anniversary! Since our establishment, we have been focusing on the Asian community. In fact, we were the first continuously operating real estate firm in California that specializing in the Asian market. During the past few years, we have developed and improved our strong business model which has brought us into multicultural and international levels.

We have also firmly increased our name recognition by utilizing all types of advertisement media. Amongst our accomplishments, we pride ourselves for producing a very successful television and radio series regarding real estate, television commercials, and a community/business reach out program.

As for our company itself, all of our agents are fully trained to meet the needs of our customers. Since most of our agents are multilingual, they are able to assist customers of diverse cultural backgrounds. Thus the communications between our customers and agents are always convenient and fitting without language and cultural barriers. In fact, nowadays, we have customers coming in from all around the world!

Currently there are six offices located along the West Coast: Seattle, San Francisco (2 offices), Sacramento, Richmond, and Oakland.


Unlike many smaller real estate firms, we employ a dedicated IT specialist and invest heavily in technology. Our agents and brokers have access to exclusive venues for real estate information that allow them to operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, thereby helping clients stay ahead of the market. Constantly striving for improvement in efficiency, our company keeps up-to-date with the latest in information technology.

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